The complex, systematic and integrated transdisciplinary research group in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage will carry out research and training activities in the field of archaeological and tangible (mobile and immobile) and intangible heritage, defined and protected by the Romanian and international legislation in force, applicable also on Romanian territory or in the Romanian communities outside the borders. As a full member of the European Union for more than a decade, our country is a member state/observer state of international bodies with responsibilities in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage (i.e. UNESCO).

Under these circumstances, the main objectives of the AS#RO Research Group are:

  • Promoting, developing and strengthening inter-, pluri-, multi-, and transdisciplinary research in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage, so as to meet current needs in Romania, Europe or anywhere in the world, in accordance with the international trends in the research fields above mentioned.
  • Significantly reduce the existing gap in archaeology and cultural heritage between Eastern and Western Europe by increasing the institutional performance of the University of Bucharest.
  • Developing its own research and training network in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage research, by creating viable and feasible partnerships with national and international institutions.
  • Establishing the research group as the main performer in archaeology and cultural heritage in the Romania and South Eastern Europe, both in the field of research and training.
  • Increasing the integration capacity of the University of Bucharest in the European area of education and research, but also to increase the scientific performance and granting the higher education system with the requirements of today’s knowledge-based society, as well as its alignment with the European trends and performances in archaeology, cultural heritage and related disciplines.
  • Providing highly qualified human resources for education and research in the fields concerned, by organizing an interdisciplinary training system at masters, doctoral and post-doctoral level, along with the development of research capacities through multidisciplinary, pluridisciplinary and transdisciplinary research programs, based on the concepts of education by research and research for education.
  • Through the program of professional training in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage, in an interdisciplinary manner, the research group aims to provide highly qualified human resources in the country’s institutions (universities, research institutes, Academy institutes, museums, decentralized structures of the Ministry of Culture or other relevant ministries with responsibilities in the field of protection, preservation, safeguarding and management of archaeological heritage and intangible and tangible cultural heritage, mobile and immobile, associated with geographic areas of archaeological value). Thus, we aim to strengthen the institutional capacity of the entities involved and to maintain a constant pace of absorption of the young graduates on the labour market in the country and abroad, as well as, to maintain cyclicality in the process of updating and rejuvenating the body of specialists.
  • The progressive increase of the position of the University of Bucharest in the Times Higher World University Rankings, by improving the 13 specific performance indicators at the level of research, educational offer, teaching, quotations, international visibility, etc.