The transdisciplinary complex, systematic research group and integrative professional training in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage ArchaeoScience#Ro (AS#RO) was formed by coalescing the expertise of members affiliated with several faculties of the University of Bucharest (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, Geology and Geophysics) and other research institutions in Romania, to produce the complex project Multidisciplinary complex platform for integrative and systematic research of identities, tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Romania.

Context and motivation

The initiative of the AS#RO Research Group at the University of Bucharest was based on the necessity of carrying out research, innovation and professional training that, at this moment, are not found in the framework plans from the academic environment in Romania, but which have proven effectiveness in Western European countries programmes, to which our country has adhered by signing conventions, agreements or partnerships, proving the intention to adopt modern, international, research directions.

The AS#RO research group has identified a number of major vulnerabilities in research, innovation and training in the areas of archaeology and cultural heritage, which are irrefutable arguments for its constitution:

  • The fields of archaeology and cultural heritage research in Romania display, similar to other countries in Eastern Europe, a considerable gap compared to Western European states.
  • Today, both European and world level wise, archaeology is no longer an individual research field assumed by a single discipline, but it is rather carried on through an inter-, multi-, pluri- and transdisciplinary framework, involving close collaboration with other scientific disciplines such as biology, geology, chemistry, physics, etc., which led to the definition of sub-disciplines directly specialized in certain applied directions: bioarchaeology, geoarchaeology, archaeophysics, archeochemistry, etc.
  • We are facing an acute lack of specialists in these fields within the academic environment in Romania, along with the total absence of inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary training courses related to the study of archaeology and cultural heritage.
  • We note the unsatisfactory level of attention that our country is granting to the importance of the relationship that archaeology and the study of cultural heritage establish with contemporary society, the geography and the environmental factors specific to a given territory or area, but also to the impact that these domains can have on current socio-economic factors. This leads us to reconsider the status of this field of study within the scientific research with immediate, medium and long-term impact on larger or smaller communities in Romania and the world.

Main goal

The specialists affiliated to our research group work voluntarily to strengthen a new direction of research and training in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage. The AS#RO Research Group acts as a dynamic unitary body meant to initiate multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary, national and international research projects and modern training activities at higher education level in the form of masters, doctoral and post-doctoral courses, summer schools, pilot projects engaging specialists with different academic backgrounds, and valuable, internationally proven expertise.

The research fields and training of our research group are as follows: the applied and theoretical archaeology, bioarchaeology, geoarchaeology, archaeophysics, archaeogeography and archaeochemistry, underlying the study of mobile and immobile cultural heritage (artifacts, ecofacts, monuments) in an inter-, multi-, pluri- and transdisciplinary form, unprecedented in Romania.

The research and training areas of our research group will be gathered around a joint research agenda of the departments involved, to which the members of the group are affiliated; university level institutions may also be involved in order to implement the training program of future specialists. The AS#RO Research Group aims to increase the interest of young people in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage through their academic and professional training, and their direct involvement in modern scientific approaches, thus covering the need for current disciplines to act in a transdisciplinary manner in order to achieve maximum efficiency results, with significant impact among specialists, local communities and contemporary society as a whole.

We intend to maintain a steady pace of absorption on the labour market in the country and abroad for the young graduates with specialization in the field, but also to maintain cyclicality in the process of reinforcement of the scientific body community.

The AS#RO Research Group promotes concepts of education by research and research for education in order to strengthen and develop existing research competences at institutional level within the universities involved or other institutions with competencies and expertise in the above-mentioned fields. Other institutions in the country that will be associated with this RG are also considered, contributing to the provision of highly qualified human resources and to the institutions in the country.

Join us – Become a member

Membership to the research group is also opened to teachers involved in the interdisciplinary training and research process, researchers, PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers involved in interdisciplinary programs, interdisciplinary masters students, final year students who complete bachelor projects or work in research programs, researchers from other research centres involved in programs, laboratory assistants, technicians and auxiliary staff.

By joining AS#RO Research Group you will integrate the scientific community and take part in the debates, the scientific activities, grants and projects.

Discuss your membership with us by emailing to Secretary of Research Group AS # RO (please see the Contact section)